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Commercial / Residential Window Tinting

residential window tinting

Benefits Of Home Or Office Window Tinting

We all know that windows add distinction, elegance and light to any home or business. Here at Southern Image, we love the look they provide. However, window panes can also be a great source of heat loss in the winter or heat gain in the summer. You may be faced with the options of adding window treatments or installing replacement windows to minimize this problem. There is, however, another option to consider: window tinting! Besides sun control, residential/business window film can also do much to manage security concerns. Below are some benefits to having us tint your windows:

increased efficiency window tinting

Increased Efficiency

Window tinting will reduce heat and air conditioning loss through your windows, so it lowers your energy bill. How does it work? Window film helps to block the transfer of heat through the glass, so it keeps heat out in the summer and inside during the winter. Your ventilation system does not need to run as often, so your energy bill drops. Your house or business will stay at a more consistent temperature, making it more comfortable for the occupants.

UV Protection

It protects carpets, drapes, furniture, artwork and displays from fading. We all long to have natural light fill

our rooms, but the sun’s hamful UV rays can cause expensive damage. The window films from Audio Designs & Custom Graphics will block 99% of the UV rays currently coming through your windows.


Tint makes windows safer, preventing injury and damage from broken glass. When a window breaks that does not have protective film, glass fragments are sprayed throughout the room, creating the risk of personal injury to any occupants. The resulting hole allows rain or snow to enter the building and cause damage. On the other hand, windows with security film will see the glass stay attached even when broken. The tint film also makes the glass stronger so it has a higher breaking point

Hurricane-rated film takes this protection to the next level – it is a thicker-gauge film that offers greater protection from violent storms and natural disasters.

reduced glare window tinting

Reduced Glare

You will see a large reduction in glare, which is always a good thing.


Privacy is another benefit. Many times, adding window tint means there is no need for drapes or a privacy fence, as the film can accomplish the same benefits.


Window film can also be decorative. We can dramatically change and enhance the look of any room with our wide array of decorative films.

Stop By Today To Speak With One Of Window Tinting Experts

We invite you to stop by Southern Image and speak to one of our window tinting experts. They will work one on one with you to design and install window film that will work best for your unique needs.

Commercial Window Tinting Service

Commercial window tinting provides you with a cost-effective solution to keep your business cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, protect your interior from harmful UV Rays, increase privacy from strangers, and improve the overall visual appeal of your office building. Since window tint helps keep your office at a constant temperature without constant adjustment or fluctuation, it allows your commercial HVAC system to work more efficiently and less frequently, ultimately resulting in a lower utility bill.

Decorative window tinting is also an option, especially for interior offices or conference rooms that need privacy film. Decorating interior office windows with artistic designs or corporate logos can provide privacy as well as enhance the aesthetics of your office. Tinting exterior office windows can increase the comprehensive productivity of your business by reducing computer screen glares and also making employees more comfortable by reducing the amount of heat and UV rays allowed in through the window. Protect your employees from uncomfortable and dangerous UV rays while saving money on energy costs.

Residental Window Tinting

In Florida, sun damage occurs constantly. It even can indirectly damage the interior of your home. The sun can destroy your furniture, floors, and even those precious items with intense UV rays, heat, and exposure. Don’t let this become a problem in your home. Southern Image has the home window film solution you’re looking for! Whether film is needed for glare, heat or fading, a home window tinting solution is possible. Our residential consultants provide a free house window tinting estimate, and give you the utmost in customer service and guarantee your satisfaction. Southern Image has a complete line of home window films to handle any type of solar need.

Adding window tint to your home is one of the most beneficial improvements you can make. Window film allows you to keep your home cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter, protect your interior and furniture from harmful UV Rays, increase privacy from strangers, and enhance the overall aesthetics of your home. Since window tint helps keep the inside temperature consistent, it allows your HVAC system to work more efficiently and fluctuate less frequently, ultimately resulting in lowered energy costs.

Application Reasons

  • Reduce heating and cooling costs
  • Increase comfort
  • Reduce glare on televisions and computer screens
  • Create privacy
  • Virtually clear
  • Filter out 99% of the UV rays
  • IR Rejection
  • Manufacturer-backed warranty

Auto Window Tinting

car window tinting

All Window Film Is The Same… Right?

Many people think that all window film is created equal, and that a shop that charges more for a tint job is just more expensive. Southern Image wants you to know that there are many different grades of window film, and to be blunt, the cheaper stuff is downright inferior. Let’s explore some of the differences in window film.

Dyed Films Offer Very Poor Value

Let’s start with the $129 tint jobs. The only way a person can charge that low of a price for a window tint job is by using inferior quality Chinese made dyed films. These products will cost you significantly more money over the next year than a better film. These films are dyed using the three primary colors, yellow, red, and blue. Within six months, the yellow dye will evaporate, leaving the red and blue dyes, which creates purple. You have probably seen vehicles driving around with purple tint. The second thing about these films is their durability. They are single-ply films with very little scratch protection, so they damage easily. Have you ever bought really cheap garbage bags? Ever notice how easily the tear? It is because they are thinner and made of cheaper materials. The same thing goes for window tint.

Metal Films Interfere With Electronics

The next level up film is called high performance, or metal film. It is still dyed but uses less ink as the metal in the film makes it darker. It will still fade over time although it will happen slower. The bigger problem here is the metal in the film. When you are inside your vehicle, the metal will negatively affect your GPS, your cell phone reception, and cellular data. The biggest problem occurs in a modern vehicle where the radio antenna is embedded into the glass. In these vehicles, your radio reception can be affected, and in severe cases, dramatically reduced. Many of these films come with a “limited lifetime warranty,” which in simple terms means they will not cover fading. Most of the window tint shops in our area use this type of film, and we suggest you ask to see the warranty card.

window tinting professionals

Our Window Film Professionals Offer Something Better

Now that we have talked about films that you don’t want let’s talk about films you should consider:

Carbon Film

Our Carbon film uses a proprietary design that uses innovative, carbon technology instead of metal. It has a non-reflective black look that will never fade. Since it is not made of metal, you get none of the side effects of the “high performance” films. This film comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer that includes fading. This type of film should cost almost $100 more per vehicle than the metal films, but we have it competitively priced as we want to give our clients a superior product.

Carbon XP Film

Carbon XP is our step up film. It has the same quality construction and warranty as the Carbon film but uses a Nano-Hybrid construction, so it has better heat rejection, keeping your vehicle interior cooler.

Ceramic Window Film

Ceramic is our top of the line film. It has the same warranty and quality of construction of our other two films, with one major difference. This film can block up to 80% of the sun’s heat energy, known as infrared. Once this film is installed on your vehicle, you will see an incredible difference in the interior temperature. Imagine going out to a vehicle on a hot summer day and only needing to keep the a/c on low after a few minutes. Ceramic film also has much better clarity, especially at night so that it will improve your outward visibility. This film is available in a 70% film to work on your windshield. Have you ever noticed the amount of heat coming into your car through your windshield when driving? Our 70% film will dramatically lower the heat, and protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

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